Theory of Revolution


Theory of Revolution was formed in 2015 by two guys passionate about the environment and all forms of transport from push bikes to Formula1 cars and everything in between. We love the built to last quality and design of the vintage and retro vehicles of yesteryear, but also have a passion for modern engineering and especially the use of technology to minimise the environmental impact of modern and future transportation.


The founders of Theory of Revolution wish to bring you the latest technology in everything we do, whilst paying particular attention to the impact these technologies have on the sustainability of the beautiful environment we live in. We also have a keen eye for beautiful design and what 'handcrafted' means from an asthetic point of view, but also in terms of protecting local economies, and looking after traditional sustainable manufacturing techniques.


We are a growing Australian business with a goal to provide the highest quality products and the best personalised customer service experience that in a global and online community can be rare to find.


We look forward to building a sustainable relationship with you that extends well beyond a products warranty.